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High-Protein Iced Coffee


😋 Keeps you full all mornings and cuts out snacking

🎯 Instantly doubles your energy and focus

🔥 VERY low calories, no added sugars!

It's used by Olympic Athletes, makes losing fat easy, and tastes amazing 🤤

Each pack contains 15+ servings, has a money-back guarantee, plus there's free priority delivery for 2 packs or more 😍

Choose your flavour and number of packs below:

We Proudly Fuel Team Great Britain Olympians

The Easiest Way To Enjoy a Healthy Morning Diet and Instant Energy

Simple, Fast & Delicious 😍

Delicious, Healthy, and Packed with Energy 🤤

Step 1

Add 1 Scoop of Genius Coffee to your shaker or blender

Step 2

Simply add about 400ml of your favourite milk, or alternatively water

Step 3

Shake in your favourite shaker, or simply blend for a few moments

Step 4

Pour and your high-protein, low calorie iced coffee 🤤

Join Thousands of Customers Drinking Genius Coffee To Become Their Best

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

All of our coffees are pre-blended and balanced to combine great-tasting coffee with premium supplement formulas.

Nootropics are natural ingredients which work by boosting key hormones responsible for your brain functions such as memory, learning, focus, and thinking sharpness.

Nope! We often hear our coffee is the best tasting instant coffee on the market!

Our Focus blend will immediately improve your focus, energy, and mental clarity, and over time will help you think sharper, memories information better, and generally feel more 'in the zone'.

Our Unwind blend will immediately make you feel more relaxed and clear-minded, and help reduce stress. It will also naturally produce serotonin, which will allow your body to sleep more easily without feeling groggy the following day.

Our coffee is best described as smooth, rich, and refreshing.

As all of our formulas are instant, all of our coffees can be made in under a minute, hot or cold!

100%. We stand by our products, their taste, and their benefits. If you’re unhappy, let us know. We’ll reimburse you and work to fix the problem.

You can pay as low as 49p per serving, which is significantly cheaper than your everyday cup of coffee, and about half the price of a typical supplement drink!